Doctor Kyoung Kim, Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in Orange County, CA

About Dr. Kim - Orange County Plastic Surgeon

Doctor Kyoung Charles Kim is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is a cosmetic surgery expert who performs procedures on the facial area and the body. Dr. Kim proudly obtained his degree in medicine from New York Medical College.  His residency was completed in cosmetic & reconstructive surgeries at Brown University. Doctor Kim constantly refines his techniques, having learned from such innovators in the plastic surgery field as Baker, Stuzin, & Baker of Miami, Florida and Doctor Robert Flower in Hawaii.  For additional information about Dr. Kim including his professional experience and awards, see below.

Since 2003, Dr. Kim has operated his private practice and currently performs procedures in Orange County, California as well as Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.  Doctor Kim has completed thousands of procedures throughout the United States and has been working with a number of the biggest medical centers in southern California.  While growing his business in California, Dr. Kim has has become a recognizable name for cosmetic surgery procedures and is often referred to by previous patients and their friends a family.  Dr. Kim's compassionate approach to cosmetic surgery creates a calm, educational atmosphere while he engages his patients with questions regarding their needs and overall health.

With a commitment to establishing good rapport with his patients, Dr. Kim listens during the consultation and develops a relationship with the patient. Dr. Kim believes thathis time spent with each patient demonstrates his commitment and shows the respect they deserve. From there he delivers honest advice, never pushing an individual towards a particular procedure, but instead, educating, informing and tailoring a potential procedure to each patient with the tools to make the best decision for themselves

This is an aspect of Dr. Kim's practice that has always been appreciated in the past, because Dr. Kim is much more than an L.A. plastic surgeon.  His perspective is that he is more than a doctor, he is an artist, and it's his job to create the image that his patients are looking for.  He is proud to be a surgeon-of-choice and has accumulated hundreds of testimonials that display his passion for cosmetic surgery and his ability as a doctor.

Dr. Kim sets himself apart in his commitment to his valued patients by giving them the complete knowledge, peace-of-mind and honesty that they need in order to make such a critical decision. He has the perceptive artistic vision to seek out the best possible result as well as to effectively communicate his expectations to each of his patients.

The main item that is the difference maker when it comes to a decent result versus a singularly incredible aesthetic enhancement is often simply in the details.  Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. K. Charles Kim’s amazing precision and experienced professional insights will be clear to you within the first few minutes of your free consultation. Make an appointment for your free consultation today, where you'll get the most complete evaluation possible.  We are looking forward to making sure that you have the comfortable and successful plastic surgery experience that you are looking for.

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