Doctor Kyoung Kim, Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in Orange County, CA

Orange County Plastic Surgeon: Asian Eyelid Double Fold Plastic Surgery - Blepharoplasty

Dr. Kyoung Charles Kim performs Asian Eyelid Surgery in Southern California at both his Costa Mesa and Beverly Hills locations. Dr. Kim is one of the most talented doctors on either the East or West Coast that provides specialized care in cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery of the eye specifically for Asian men and women.

When you schedule a free consultation with Dr. Kim's office in Orange County, he will evaluate your eyelid anatomy, the design of your crease and ask you about your desired results. Several different methods are available to create double eyelids with each technique having its own advantages. Dr. Kim will present multiple options of Asian eyelid surgery and will demonstrate the different styles for eyes and give recommendations for the best natural look. The choice of method recommended by Doctor Kim will be dependent on the patient’s anatomy and aesthetic desires for Asian Eyelid Surgery in Orange County, Los Angeles or Beverly Hills.

Dr. Kim  has earned his reputation for being best in class as an Asian eyelid plastic surgeon because he is a perfectionist and feels that the procedure he is performing is more than just a surgery, it's creating a work of art.  Dr. Kim not only has the skill to create the results that the patient is looking for, but also the insight to understand and work with their specific needs.

In order to expand his mastery of his Asian Plastic Surgery skills including the Asian Eyelid Double Fold Surgery, Doctor Kim has traveled to the most prominent clinics throughout South Korea to learn innovative techniques in Asian eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, and facial contouring for Asian men and women from leaders in the cosmetic surgery field.

LA Plastic Surgeon Dr. Kim has studied under prominent Asian doctors such as: Doo Byung Yang, MD (Jelim Clinic), Byung Gun Kim, MD (BK Clinic), Taek Keun Kwon, MD of the Kwon Institute of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Geun Ho Park, MD, and Jeong Ho Choi, MD. From years of training, practice and dedication, Dr. Kim provides top-notch Asian Plastic Surgery, and is recognized as a specialist not only in Orange County, but throughout Southern California.  He has adapted various techniques and can offer a customized surgery that will give the patient the natural and attractive look without violating their individual ethnic characteristics.

Epicanthoplasty Surgery - An epicanthoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to increase the overall length of the patient's eye which creates the appearance of a wider eye, and is usually performed in conjunction with the Asian double eyelid surgery. Although there are numerous different methods described Dr. Kim has used this technique to place the scar in the lower eyelash margin to best hide that the procedure has been performed.

Non-Incisional Asian Eyelid Double Fold Surgery - For younger Asian clients who have thin skinned eyelids, the Asian double eyelid surgery can be accomplished without the need for incisions or cuts.  Asian Eyelid Surgeon Dr. Kim will use either two interlocking suture loops (DST) or five separate fixation sutures to get the desired shape that the patient is looking for. With this procedure there will be no visible scars, and the swelling is very minimal.  Often patients are out in public within a day or two and the swelling is not noticable.

Incisional Asian Eyelid Double Fold Surgery - Patients who have thicker, heavier eyelid skin and excess upper eyelid fat are better candidates for the incisional technique which can improve recovery time and the amount of scarring.

Partial Incision Asian Eyelid Double Fold Surgery - With this technique, a small incision is made just along the eyelid and through the intended crease through which the extra fatty tissue is removed.  With the partial incision Asian eyelid double fold surgery, there is a small 5mm scar and minimal swelling.

Full Asian Eyelid Double Fold Surgery -The full Incision procedure is recommended by the Dr. Kim when there is thick or excessive skin, fat, ptosis (droopy eyelids), or when a dramatic look is requested by his patient.  This procedure is one of the most common forms of cosmetic surgery for Asian men and women. With a complete incision, skin and fat can be removed and any ptosis can be fixed.

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