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Board Certified California Plastic Surgeon: Breast Lift Surgery - Mastopexy with Breast Implants

OC Plastic Surgeon Dr. K. Charles Kim, MD is well regarded as a mastopexy, or breast lift, specialist in the Beverly Hills area. Breast Lift Surgery that is provided by Dr. Kim to his patients assists them in re-establishing a youthful, pleasing breast position and shape.  Through the experience and dedication of Dr. Kim, his patients have seen a youthful appearance brought back to breasts that were previously sagging and/or deflated. Such deflation or sagging may occur from natural aging, a pregnancy or even weight changes such as a loss or large gain. Breastlift plastic surgery procedures that are handled by the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Dr. K. Charles Kim will reposition and reshape your sagging and deflated breasts to a more uplifted position, shapely form as well as a pleasing contour. Please do not hesitate to contact our Orange County offices for a free consultation in order to discuss your Breast Lift Surgery.  Just give us a call or use the "CLICK TO ASK" button found on this page.

Mastopexy is the technical term for a breast lift and is a surgical technique handled by Dr. Kim.  A mastopexy gets rid of the extra breast skin, then works to lift the breasts as well as the nipples back to the normal, more youthful position they should have. Lifted breasts generally look both rounder and firmer.  They are seen as perkier and more aesthetically pleasing. The surgical method utilized by Dr. Kim is tailored to hide the incisions and do everything possible to minimize scarring. A breast lift procedure is performed with the patient under a general anesthesia. The suturing involved in the operation is done beneath the skin and this results in there being no stitches that must be removed. Full recovery is usually achieved in about seven to ten days, but can vary from patient to patient.

There are a number of different breastlift methods that LA Plastic Surgeon Dr. K. Charles Kim offers his valued breast lift clients. As an OC plastic surgery specialist, Dr. Kim will work individually with you in order to choose the most proper breast lift method based upon your breast size and the droopiness that your breasts have.  This droopiness is referred to as "ptosis" and is a critical factor in applying the correct breast lift surgery procedure for your individual case. The correct breast lift technique will be tailored specifically for your unique needs and also will generally result in an optimal breast lift and pleasing reshaping, while lessening the amount of viewable scarring for you.  Dr. Kim is committed to giving you the best possible experience, with the most pleasing results.

Mastopexy, otherwise known as a Breast Lift, along w/ Breast Implants: Since a few of Dr. Kim's Orange County patients also have seen a loss of their breast volume, if so desired a patient may elect to have breast implants inserted by Dr. Kim, during the time of the Breast Lift Surgery.

Plastic Surgeon Dr. K. Charles Kim offers all of the following Mastopexy (Breast Lift) options. Every breast lift surgery is performed onsite in the Plastic Surgeon's completely accredited surgical suite in Orange County, California.

  • Internal Breast Lift, or the "Scarless" Breast Lift
  • Donut Lift, also known as the Periareolar Mastopexy
  • The Vertical Lift, also known as the Vertical Mastopexy
  • Wise Mastopexy
  • "Lollipop", or Le Jour Mastopexy
  • Mastopexy paired w/ Breast Implants

Internal Breast Lift Mastopexy Surgery, otherwise known as "Scarless" Breast Lift: For this method, it is performed with pride by Plastic Surgeon Dr. K. Charles Kim. It is designed to lift the breasts as well as the nipples internally, only without a need for any extra scarring. The procedure is then done through the small incision that through which a patient's breast implants were inserted. Many Orange County patients usually decide to opt in for this particular approach. K. Charles Kim, MD is widely considered the best in his class with performing this innovative technique. Internal Breast Lifting Surgery can never be performed by itself as an single procedure for lifting of the breast, but must be done in conjunction along with a breast implant procedure. Patients that have had their breast implants done previously, however, even if they were done by another surgeon, may also benefit from the Internal Mastopexy operation.  In this case, if you are seeing that your breast tissue is sagging over your breast implants, this particular procedure may by right for you. This method extremely enhances as well as improves the final result of a Breast Augmentation, otherwise known as Breast Implant Surgery.  By pairing the two together the augmentation is enhanced by raising as well as relocating a sagging nipple and the areola, as opposed to a more standard Breast Augmentation surgical procedure, which would not do so. Internal breastlift surgery is tailored by Dr. Kim for each and every one of his OC patients. Also, with internal breast lift surgery the results are immediately visible. The end result is very perky breasts that project, then will relax somewhat over time into a natural pleasing contour as the tissues heal.  This results in an extremely youthful and vivacious breast projection and appearance for Dr. Kim's Plastic Surgery patients.

Donut Lift, or Periareolar Mastopexy: With this breast lifting procedure, which is also sometimes called Concentric Mastopexy, as performed by Plastic Surgeon Dr. Kim is frequently utilized to oversee surgical procedures on women who have smaller breasts that are drooping less intensely. The method known as the "Donut Lift" of breast lifting requires less surgical incisions and may be done by Dr. Kim using local anesthesia along with sedatives, instead of just general anesthesia. Such a surgical procedure is tailored specifically with the surgical scars being positioned around the area of the areola itself, instead of directly under the breast. Orange County Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon Dr. K. Charles Kim will happily discuss this particular choice with you carefully during your free complimentary consultation at his Calfornia Surgical Suite offices. The doughnut breast lift procedure gets the name from the series of concentric circles that are done around the areola on the nipple. The concentric-shaped  area of skin that surrounds the areola is then surgically removed, with the nipple and the areola then being moved upward. Following this movement, the outer skin that surrounds the areola is then sutured into its place. The Donut Lift (Periareolar) mastopexy has the result of a smaller amount of scarring than with the more-frequently done anchor mastopexy.  Dr. Kim seeks to makes sure there is as little scarring as possible, for all his Orange County patients.

Vertical Lift, or Vertical Mastopexy: In such cases with patients who have extremely advanced breast sagging, a Vertical Mastopexy along with a Vertical Lift method may produce a more uplifted as well as shapely breast, a very reliable procedure. To maintain the patient's breast shape even more consistently, an implant is generally used along with this particular type of lift. The actual method is very much like the one used in the "Lollipop" Breast Lift that is described below in more detail.

Wise Mastopexy, or Anchor Mastopexy: This is also known as the "Weiss Pattern" Mastopexy, the Inverted-T Incision or the Full Breast Lift. This method for breast lifting is generally considered to be the traditional procedure for performing breast-lifting, with elevation of a patient's nipple (areola) and removal of excess skin. When it comes to this particular kind of breast lifting method, California Plastic Surgeon Dr. K. Charles Kim creates incisions directly around the nipple, down to the middle of the lower section of the patient's breast and then right across the breast within the infra-mammary fold. Much like the "doughnut" and "lollipop" surgical incisions which you can read about above, the areola may be made more small as well during this method. The resulting scarring resembles a vague anchor shape, thus the name. Although Anchor Mastopexy or "Wise" Pattern was once known as the standard in the industry, it is usually now utilized only for patients with very moderate to very severe sagging of the breast

Lollipop Breast Lift, or Le Jour Mastopexy: This breast lift method is the same as the "Donut Lift" Periareolar Mastopexy, but with straight incisions from under the areola to the mammary folds, or crease, of the patient.

There are a number of different breastlift (mastopexy) procedures to consider, as a patient. OC Certified Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon Dr. K. Charles Kim can assist you with a complete evaluation and help you to choose the best one for you during your free breast lift meeting and consultation at our Orange County offices.

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