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Orange County Plastic Surgeon: Cheek Augmentation Surgery - Fat Transfer to Cheek

Dr. K. Charles Kim is an Orange County Plastic Surgeon specializing in facial plastic surgery and body enhancement. Dr. Kim offers a myriad of best in class surgeries including both Cheek Augmentation Surgery as well as Cheek Lift Surgery.

Cheek Augmentation Surgery: Patient choose to have cheek augmentation done for a number of different aesthetic reasons.  For example, a patient might want to fill out a sunken-in cheek or improve their overall facial balance.  In addition, cheek augmentation surgery is commonly turned to as an anti-aging procedure. Dr. Kim augments the soft submalar tissue in order to fill mid-facial hollows. This lifting of the tissue helps to provide a facial rejuvenating effect.

Cheek Implants as well are a popular method for achieving the ideal aesthetically pleasing cheek shape. Cheek Implants can come in a number of shapes and sizes.  As a Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Kim will review your options with you during your complimentary free consultation with him at his OC plastic surgery offices.

Fat transfer to the cheeks is also offered by the offices of Dr. K Charles Kim, Plastic Surgeon. Fat transfer to the cheeks is an exciting and minimally-invasive procedure with a pleasing rejuvenation effect. This plastic surgery procedure allows the Dr. K. Charles Kim to both sculpt as well as restore the face to its natural youthful beauty.  This is all done with fat from the patient's own body.

This plastic surgery procedure uses very minimally invasive methods, and as such requires minimal downtime. Your body's own fat is extracted, then specially processed right there in the operating room before it's injected.  By injecting the fat deeply within the structures of the face, Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon Dr. Kim can accentuate the cheekbones, mid-face, cheeks, lips, chin, temples, nose and the jawline to reshape the patient's face. The injected fat, when used in certain areas will be permanent, though some patients may see the need to have the procedure occasionally repeated.

When Dr. Kim utilizes this minimally invasive technique, the cheeks of the patient can take on a new shape without the extended down-time that is associated with more invasive techniques and procedures.

Cheek Augmentation Surgery can also be performed with a number of facial injectables such as Restylane.  This use of injectables is known as non-surgical cheek augmentation. While these procedures can give a rejuvenating effect for years, they are not permanent and must be repeated from time to time.

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