Doctor Kyoung Kim, Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in Orange County, CA

Board Certified California Plastic Surgeon: Chin Surgery - Chin Augmentation

Being an OC board-certified Plastic Surgeon, K. Charles Kim, MD is specifically trained in both chin augmentation as well as chin reduction surgery.  He has been trained by a number of the very best and the most respected cosmetic and plastic surgeons around the world. Dr. Kim is proud to offer the newest surgical techniques for the chin, performing these chin surgeries as outpatient procedures at his completely accredited surgical centers in Beverly Hills and Orange County, CA.

Chin Augmentation Surgery: There are many people who might have been simply born having a chin that is, aesthetically, too small when compared to the other proportions of their face. This causes a lack of chin projection and results in the face appearing to be off-balance. If the chin looks to be too small,  it may also make the person's nose look longer and/or larger. In such cases many patients will turn to Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon Dr. K. Charles Kim for cosmetic chin surgery in order to improve the appearance of their chin.

Chin augmentation surgery is done under a general anesthetic.  The procedure itself is accomplished by inserting a small synthetic implant onto the patient's natural bone. The results of this surgical operation can be paired with a face lift to greatly increase the aesthetic results, since a loss of overall chin projection may occur with a person's natural aging. Chin augmentation procedures are also commonly combined with facial liposuction to produce greater results.

With augmenting the patient's chin in this fashion, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. K. Charles Kim can improve the patient's facial balance overall, thereby improving the proportions on the face as well as accentuating the overall improvement benefits of a separate rhinoplasty or a facelift procedure.

Chin Reduction Surgery: plastic surgery procedures such as Chin Reduction are a fairly fast, with general anesthetic being used as well in this type of surgery. In order to reduce the size of the chin, OC Plastic Surgeon Dr. Kim makes a surgical incision either inside the patient's mouth (usually made close to the patient's lower lip) or right below the patient's chin. Specialized instruments are then inserted through the incision and are utilized to detach the bone from at the tip of the chin as well as to reshape it. Any excess bone is removed then so the chin can be contoured proportionally.

After your chin reduction surgery, your chin area is bandaged.  The area will most likely be sore yet there are not any special restrictions after completion of the surgical procedure. It usually takes about three weeks for the swelling in the chin area to disappear.  Around that time, the chin area will begin to feel quite normal again, along with the improved aesthetic look!

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