Doctor Kyoung Kim, Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in Orange County, CA

Dr. K. Charles Kim is a California board-certified cosmetic surgeon.  He specializes in cosmetic plastic surgery of the breasts, face and body for both men and women.  As a Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon as well as being Board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, he is considered to be amongst the best in class by his peers in the areas of Plastic Surgery as well as Reconstructive Surgery.

Plastic Surgery and cosmetic surgical procedures performed on men have gained a nation-wide acceptance.  There is no longer any stigma for being a man and choosing to simply look better. Dr. Kim has performed hundreds of surgeries on both men and women.  He is well acquainted with a large number of surgical techniques, including those chosen most commonly by men.  The most common male surgical procedures generally include the following:

  • Male Rhinoplasty Surgery or Nose Reshaping
  • Gynecomastia Repair, also known as Male Breast Reduction or Male Chest Reduction
  • Male Liposuction or Male Liposuction of the flanks

Male Rhinoplasty Surgery:  Dr. Kim is a California Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has performed a large number of rhinoplasty procedures on both men and women. There are many Rhinoplasty procedures available to men, including size reduction or augmentation, changes in the bridge of the nose, nostril narrowing or changes to the tip of the nose.  Dr. Kim will discuss which option is best for you during your complimentary free consultation at his L.A. surgical offices in California.

Gynecomastia Surgery:   Gynecomastica is the common medical term for describing the presence of excess breast tissue in a man. This is a medical condition and is actually rather common.  It affects up to 60 percent of the male population, so you are not alone.  At this time, it is not fully known what causes gynecomastica. Dr. Kim understands that as a man, gynecomastia can be a condition that makes a man feel particularly self-conscious.  In order to help these man, Plastic Surgeon Dr. Kim provides a plastic surgery procedure for men called Male Breast Reduction Surgery.  Dr Kim performs "male breast reduction surgery" onsite as an out-patient surgery in his Beverly Hills surgical suite.  This surgical procedure removes the fat and glandular tissue from one or both breasts, depending on the needs of the patient. In extreme cases, the male breast reduction surgery will remove excess skin, as well. The result is a significantly flatter chest with improved contour and aesthetics.

Male Liposuction Surgery:  Male Liposuction is a fast and very effective way to reduce fat in men. For male patients, the most common problem areas usually include the abdomen (abs), “love handles," the chest area and frequently the neck line. These parts of the body in men tend to be particularly resistant to improvement through exercise and dieting, especially as men age. Men also tend to accumulate fat in all the wrong places such as the eyelids, face, abdomen, neck, breasts and thighs.  Fortunately, male liposuction can be performed on ALL of these areas. Male liposuction surgery is an out-patient procedure.   In some cases, it is the ONLY way to get rid of unwanted fat in areas of the body that are genetically programmed to resist weight loss through more common methods such as diet or exercise. Most men return their normal workdays and exercise routines in just a couple of days.

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