Doctor Kyoung Kim, Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in Orange County, CA

Orange County Plastic Surgeon Dr. K. Charles Kim is a highly-regarded surgeon who works in Southern California.  Being active and involved in the care of his patients is important for Dr. Kim as an L.A. Plastic Surgeon.  This is because he wants to provide his patients with the best possible treatment in order to ensure that they leave his offices looking younger and more confident. Dr. Kim's continued involvement in his studies and contribution to education is reflected in his patient care and the methods he uses.

Dr. K. Charles Kim has a strong foundational understanding of the science behind plastic surgery.  He pairs this with a strong eye for aesthetics in his cosmetic surgery. When combined, the quality of his work is evident, simply by delivering incredible results and fantastic patient satisfaction in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and Orange County.

Dr. Kim offers various Cosmetic Injectables amongst his many offered procedures, including:

  • Botox® and the Botox® nonsurgical brow lift
  • Restylane®

Botox®:   BOTOX® can quickly be used to eliminate IN MINUTES such undesirable detractions as forehead wrinkles, frown lines, "bunny nose", "bunny jaw" and Crow's Feet. Injectable BOTOX® can also de-stress the eyebrow area, resulting in what is referred to as a nonsurgical brow lift. When applied in the neck, BOTOX® is very effective in the reduction of horizontal neck lines as well as in the relaxation of vertical mid-neck cords.  Vertical midneck cords are the thickened bands of the underlying platysma muscle. Botox® can also help to reduce lip lines, reduce marionette lines and enhance the fullness of your lips.

Restylane®:  Restylane® is an injectable that is used to smooth-out folds and wrinkles.  This quick nonsurgical procedue takes only a few minutes and has NO "down-time".  You can make a tremendous difference to your appearance by choosing restylane®.  Restylane® is injected into the skin in very tiny quantities by a very fine small needle. The gel that is injected produces natural volume underneath the wrinkles, which are lifted up and smoothed out by this procedure. The results can be seen almost immediately and are quite striking. Combating wrinkles with Restylane® is a fast and a safe method.  As an additional benefit, it leaves no scars or other traces of the procedure on your face!

A Restylane® wrinkle-treatment is long-lasting, but unfortunately it is not a permanent solution.  The length of time an injectable treatment maintains its effect is very individual for each patient.  The length of time depends on many factors such as your age, the type of skin that you have, your life-style and physical activity as well as the injection technique that is used.

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