Doctor Kyoung Kim, Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in Orange County, CA

Orange County Plastic Surgeon: Nose Plastic Surgery - Closed Rhinoplasty

Orange County Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Kyoung Charles Kim delivers the results that his patients seek from rhinoplasty surgeries, based on their ethnicity.  Dr. Kim (Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Orange County, California) has performed Rhinoplasty procedures on patients of all ethnicities, but he has a wealth of experience performing rhinoplasty surgery in Los Angeles on Asian men and women.

Dr. Kim customizes all Rhinoplasty procedures and the exact method he uses for each individual patient.  Prior to performing the procedure, LA Plastic Surgeon Dr. Kim will discuss the available options during the patient's complimentary consultation at his Orange County Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgery Center.

During the patient's consultation session at his office in Orange County, California, Dr. Kim, MD will evaluate the nose and facial features and together with the patient will prepare an outline of what the nose reshaping procedure will produce.  Ultimately, a top-of-the-line rhinoplasty will creating better harmony and balance with respect to the entire face.

In order to expand and master his Asian cosmetic surgery skills, Dr. Kim has continued to travel to all of the prominent clinics in South Korea to learn innovative advancements in the fields of Asian eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, and contouring of the face from leaders in the field: Doo Byung Yang, MD of the Jelim Clinic, Doctor Byung Gun Kim of the BK Clinic, Dr. Taek Keun Kwon (Kwon Institute), Geun Ho Park, MD & Dr. Jeong Ho Choi. Through years of training and perfecting his artistry, Dr. Kim has adapted various techniques and can offer a customized surgery that will give you the most natural and attractive result without violating your unique ethnic characteristic.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Kyoung Charles Kim will complete your Asian nose job surgery using either the closed or the open technique, which will depend on the current nose shape, internal anatomy, and desired result for the patient.  Below are three of the more common Asian Rhinoplasty procedures that Dr Kim performs in Southern California.

Nose Implants - Choosing the type of implant material to help augment the bridge of the nose has been controversial in the past, with strong proponents for each type. The gold standard of Rhinoplasty procedures is to use the patient’s own tissue, such as septal or auricular cartilage to achieve the right look and result. Unfortunately, Asians generally lack the sufficient cartilage at these locations to augment the bridge and require an outside material or implant. Other commonly used tissues are portions of the skull and rib cartilage/bone, but they prove to be bulky and are not necessarily the appropriate shape for their delicate position. Dr. Kim prefers to use these sources for major reconstructive cases after a major trauma or cancer resection.

Closed Asian Rhinoplasty - With the closed Asian Rhinoplasty procedure, an incision is made inside the patient's nostril through which a silicone nasal implant will be placed to augment the bridge of the nose. Using the same incision, a small piece of cartilage (usually taken from the patient's ear) will be positioned on the tip of the nose, creating better balance and definition out towards the tip of the nose. The incision that is made on the ear is hidden very well and there is no scarring. A key element in achieving the perfect bridge for each individual’s nose is the carving of the implant. Dr Kim is meticulous in customizing your implant to obtain an aesthetic, bridge that looks absolutely natural and improves the patient's overall look.

Open Asian Rhinoplasty - This kind of procedure will be used in cases where a greater amount of internal work would be required to the bridge of the nose or to the tip. This requires a tiny incision along the columella (flesh between the nostrils) to expose the internal structures. From there, the native nasal cartilage and also the bony bridge would be altered before placement of the implants and tip graft if necessary.

Gore-Tex is also a commonly used material to augment the bridge. However, because Gore-Tex will compress over time, sometimes even by 40%, Dr. Kim tends to prefer Gore-Tex only when an extremely subtle augmentation of the bridge is needed and is best positioned by utilizing an open technique.  Rhinoplasty is an extremely intricate surgical procedure that can enhance your overall appearance. Dr. Kim’s precision and artistry will bring aesthetic balance to your face's focal point without leaving the tell tale signs of surgery.

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